Dear our passengers;

We, as IZDENIZ A.S., have prepared a questionnaire for assessing the satisfaction on our marine transportation services. Your responds to the following questions and the comments therefor shall lead us a way to render a better service to you, our valuable passengers.
Thanks for your concern.

Best Regards

1- How often do you use Marine Transportation?

2- Do you travel with your Car?

3- What are your reasons to prefer sea transportation?

3.1 Timely Transportation

3.2 Comfortable

3.3 Safety

3.4 Close to Home, Office

4- What are the problems you have with Sea Transportation?

4.1 Passenger Density

4.2 Timetables

4.3 Air conditioning

4.4 Behavior of the Personnel

5- What are your expectations from IZDENIZ A.S. as being our passengers?

5.1 Timely Scheduling of Services

5.2 No Change in Service Program

5.3 Reporting of Changes in the Service Program

5.4 Increasing the Number of Services

5.5 Increasing Warning Announcements

6- What is the Most Important Feature of Sea Transportation?

6.1 Security

6.2 Speed

6.3 Environmentalist

6.4 Comfortable

7- For which purpose you use sea transportation ?

8- Please mark the one that suits you best.

8.1 Availability of Service Times

8.2 Availability of Timetables

8.3 Cleaning of Terminals

8.4 Cleaning of Ships/Ferryboats

8.5 Attitude and Behavior of Terminal Personnel

8.6 Attitude and Behavior of Crew

8.7 Working Hours of Card Loading Desks

8.8 Accessibility to Information from Web Site

8.9 Attitudes and Behaviors of Security Personnel

9- Your Age ?

10- Your Gender ?

11- Educational Background ?

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